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Expert roof restoration and repair


Your roof is your home’s crowning


A sad, worn, neglected roof doesn’t just look bad. Cosmetically a badly weathered roof can reduce the street appeal and value of your home, but a roof with broken or missing tiles, damaged ridge capping can also allow water and pests to enter your home, creating further damage and expense.


Our roof restoration services drastically improve the look of your home and, more importantly, ensure your roof is watertight and free from pests, mould and other growths. Our Acryloc ROOFCOTE system is widely regarded as the best on the market! 

Our process begins with....


Roof inspection

Your roof is fully inspected for damage including loose or missing bedding, broken tiles or ridge capping, moss, lichen and mould, and any evidence of animal occupation.


Repair or replace

Any damaged roofing materials, such as tiles or sheeting, will be repaired or replaced to ensure your roof is watertight.



Your roof is cleaned using high pressure water in an environmentally responsible manner. This removes dirt, debris and visible mould or lichen.


Rebed and repoint

All ridged capping is rebedded and repointed where needed to ensure a water tight seal across your entire roof.



Your roof is thoroughly sterilised prior to re coating to destroy any potential fungal or algal spores and inhibit regrowth.


Prime and seal

The entire roof area is coated with an acrylic sealer to prime the surface and ensure a strong bond with the new roof membrane.


Roof membrane

The final step is to apply a protective membrane to your roof for enhanced durability, colour retention and weather protection. 


The end result is a roof which once again looks new and serves to protect your home from the external elements.


Talk to us about our comprehensive roof restoration and repair services to improve your roof’s functionality and your home’s street appeal.


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