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It is essential that your gutter protection system be checked on a regular basis – regardless of the type installed.


The frequency of checks will be dependent on the number of trees proximity and type of trees around your home.

Inspection and maintenance of gutters protected with Gutter Guard - mesh is very simple. The aperture of the mesh allows for visual inspection along the entire length of the gutters at all times without having to remove any of the components.

For a gutter mesh system to work successfully, it must allow some small particles to go through the mesh and into the gutter. The system is normally self-cleaning during each period of rainfall. However, if the fall of the gutters is not maintained to the outlet, ponding and debris build-up may occur. This may also be evident where beads of sealant are used at joins in the gutter and at outlets. This can simply be hosed out through the mesh as necessary. Remember, it is best to do this before the build-up becomes too difficult to be readily flushed away. Left unchecked, debris will turn to compost and any seed trapped may germinate.


We recommend a minimum yearly service to keep you gutter protection system working to its optimal. 


Please ask us about our programmed after installation care service.