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Gutter Guard Products


Award winning gutter guard systems installed by South Australia's most trusted installers at SA Gutter Guard!


 Aluminium 3.5mm hexagonal fire-proof mesh

Protect your home from ember attack, by creating a physical barrier between the great outdoors and your roof cavity. CSIRO certified, our aluminium mesh achieves a flammability index rating of '0' (least hazardous) in accordance with the Australian Standards (AS1530-2-1993) required in bush fire prone areas.


The diamond profile of this gutter mesh provides an effective barrier to leaf litter, twigs, pests and hail. This ensures water can flow freely year round, minimising flood risk during storms or heavy downfalls


Suitable for residential or commercial application, our 2mm steel ember mesh is undoubtedly the best on the market!

2mm – create a barrier against mosquitos, embers or fine debris such as pine needles.  

Available in a wide array of colours, this gutter guard complies with bushfire standards for non-combustibility.

2mm Aluminium fire ember guard

Bushfires are part of Australian life and a well-known risk in the Adelaide Hills and regional areas. Hot conditions and high winds can carry embers as far as 30-40 kilometres. According to the Department of Fire & Emergency Services, ember attack is the most common cause of house fires during a bushfire.


Our fire ember guard is a superfine 2mm steel mesh that meets the most critical bushfire ratings. It is designed to eliminate virtually all access points to your roof and gutters, whether they are metal or tiled. This prevents flammable leaf litter from collecting in your gutters and roof, as well as embers from entering your roof space.

3D High grade steel gutter guard 


Our high grade steel 3D gutter guards are designed and manufactured with a 3D contouring method that moulds the mesh to the exact measurements and shape of your roofing material, ensuring that there is no gap between the roof and fascia. This secures your roofline at gutter level, preventing access to vermin like birds, snakes and possums that may otherwise nest in your ceiling. This is a very real Australian problem – one that can be solved efficiently and effectively with high grade steel 3D gutter guards designed and manufactured here in Australia.

We can install our COLORBOND® steel mesh gutter guards in just hours. The steel gutter guards are pre-shaped at our factory for faster installation. On-site, the installers simply lay down the contoured steel lengths, screw them in place, and silicone the edges to seal them. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective installation system on the market.


To match your home’s exterior décorand provide a clean, seamless look, our gutter mesh is available in a range of modern and classic colours with the application of a high-quality powder coating of your choice.



Get in touch with our gutter experts to discuss the right gutter guard product for your home or business. 

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