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Gutter guard installation and benefits


Need help finding the best gutter guards for your home?


With so many different gutter guards and gutter mesh products on the market, how do you know which is best for your home or business? To help you decide on the right gutter guard system, our technicians conduct a site inspection to assess a range of factors, such as:


  • The type of roofing material in place, eg.tiles or metal sheeting
  • Condition of your guttering system
  • The pitch and profile of your roof
  • The number of trees and other vegetation in close proximity to your property
  • Your risk of ember attack from bushfires














What are the benefits of installing gutter guards?

There are many great reasons to install gutter guards, whether they’re for your home, business, or investment property. A properly installed gutter guard will significantly reduce the debris that can accumulate in your gutters, which is the leading cause for a number of associated problems. 



Less risk of overflow

Gutters free from debris allow the water to move more freely, reducing the risk of your gutters overflowing and causing damage to your roof, or staining the exterior of your home.

Increased lifespan of gutters

An accumulation of leaf matter, or weeds sprouting in gutters, can cause water and moisture to collect. Over time, this can cause gutters to rust and prematurely shorten their lifespan.

Reduce maintenance 

While some maintenance will be needed to keep your gutters in top shape (and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise), the frequency of maintenance will be significantly reduced.

Protection against pests 

Gutter guards create a barrier to prevent vermin such as mice, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitos and other creepy crawlies from breeding in your gutters or finding easy access into your roof space.


Improved quality of rainwater

If you collect rainwater, cleaner, faster flowing gutters means you get more water in your tanks with reduced risk of exposure to debris or contaminants which can taint the quality of the water.

Reduced risk of ember attack

Bushfires are part and parcel of life in Australia. Gutter mesh can reduce the build-up of flammable material in your gutters, and also provide a physical barrier against embers that might enter your roof.




When you purchase a gutter protection system from SA Gutter Guard, you’ll receive your first gutter clean absolutely free of charge!

Get in touch with our friendly team for more information about gutter guard installation, or to arrange a quote.


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