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Gutter Guard Products


AluminIum Fire Proof Mesh

SA Gutter Guard's aluminium gutter guard provides an ideal screening solution to prevent leaf, twig and pest entry into your gutters and roof cavities. Our mesh forms to fit all tiled and metal roof profiles whilst our quality powder coating provides a high durable finish colour coded to blend with all popular roof colours. Our system extends to the roofline to the outer edge of the gutter. Therefore, the leaves are not trapped in the gutter as with some other gutter guards, but are actually suspended on the mesh screen. Normal wind actions then dry and disperse the leaves that fall to the ground.
Our aluminium mesh has been certified by CSIRO and obtained the highest flammability index rating of 'O' AS1530-2-1993 as required by councils and bush fire prone areas. Comes with 15 years product warranty.
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Corrugated Installation

Corrugated Valley Installation

Blue Mountain Trimdeck Installation

Blue Mountain Mesh - Steel

 Blue Mountain Mesh? is an innovative all steel mesh system that prevents leaves and debris entering gutters. The mesh fits from the top outside edge of the gutter, across the gutter section and is then attached to the roof surface. This creates a platform that suspends leaves and debris above the roof gutter, allowing the majority of flammable material build-up to be blown away by wind action.
Blue Mountain Mesh? prevents blocked gutters and downpipes which can cause flooding and damage to the home. By keeping roof gutters clean and clear of leaf build up, Blue Mountain Mesh? ensures gutters dry out quickly after rain.

Dry gutters last longer, require less maintenance and eliminate potential mosquito breeding habitats.

Blue Mountain Mesh? can be easily removed and reinstalled if gutters are to be replaced.

Blue Mountain Mesh? not only keeps out debris, it also prevents vermin from entering the roof and ceiling area of the home. It even prevents the loss of stray backyard cricket balls and toys!

Tile valley section

Tile valley section

Tile valley section

Tile Valley Section


Colourbond Colour Chart


As a guide, the colour chart  below depicts the latest range of Colorbond colours available from BlueScope Steel.


The Colorbond steel colours shown on this page have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking against an actual sample of the product before purchasing as limitations of web palette colours may affect colour tones.

Colorbond steel is a registered trade mark of BlueScope Steel Limited.



Dirty Gutters

Clean gutters

After gutter guard installation


Prior to our installation we clean your gutters and valley sections free of all debris. This ensures the maximum performance of our system.

SA Gutter Guards system works on a ski slope design. The system is installed to become an integral part of your roof. Both Aluminium and HDPE systems are installed in exactly the same manner and on all roof types.


Installation Methods:

  1. Tile Roofs; Placed underneath the second row of tiles and drapes over the first row and over the lip of the gutter, held in place by the weight of the second row of tiles at the roof end and colourbond trim at the gutter end.
  1. Metal Roofs (including corrugated trim deck kilp lock etc.); Fitted using colourbond saddles place over every 2nd corrugation (every corrugation with trim deck) at the roof end, and finished with a colourbond trim placed at the gutter end. Where required, we can also silicon seal the roof end of the system.