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Gutter protection for your home

SA Gutter Guard - your gutter protection specialist 


Gutter guard and mesh creates a physical barrier to debris and pests which may clog your gutters and prevent water quickly and easily flowing to rainwater tanks or stormwater drains. As gutter protection specialists, we offer a range of affordable gutter and roofing services to maximise the effectiveness of your gutter system and minimise the amount of upkeep it requires.


Our Services


Gutter guard installation


Protect your gutters from pests and debris to prolong the life of your gutters and enhance the quality and volume of your rainwater.


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Gutter cleaning and maintenance

Regardless of the gutter protection system you use, your gutters will still need attention to keep them in shape. Let us do the hard work for you.


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Pest and vermin control

Keep creepy crawlies from breeding or building nests, hives  or webs in your gutters, or finding their way into your roof space.


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Gutter replacement and installation

Whether your building, renovating or your existing gutters have seen better days, we can advise on the best gutters to suit your property and budget.


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Roof restoration

Rusted sheeting? Broken tiles? Wonky ridge capping? No matter what state your roof is in, we can repair and restore it to good as new.


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