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Roof Restorations

At SA Gutter Guard we use and recommend Dulux AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane system.

All the Protection Under the Sun

Over the years, ultra violet light, moisture and dirt pollution can cause severe damage to the appearance of concrete tiles.
This can result in discolouration, lichen and mould growth, and an unsightly looking roof.

Restores Weathered Roofs

AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane is specially formulated to restore aged and weathered concrete tiled roofs. It improves the appearance of aged roofs and protects them from water ingress, chemical attack and pollution, and significantly reduces dirt accumulation keeping your roof cleaner for longer.
NOTE: 962 Roof Membrane is not suitable for restoration of glazed and semi-glazed terracotta tiles.

Colours That Protect and Shield From the Sun

Dulux AcraTex is committed to providing the ultimate in performance coating systems and increasingly that means balancing the demands of today with the environmental impact of meeting and sustaining those needs into the future.
Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane offers a range of fashionable colours in a choice of either Conventional or Cool Roof Technology*.
Dulux AcraTex Cool Roof technology is an option for most colours* across the Roof Membrane range providing maximum Solar Reflectance.
Previously, colour choice dictated how hot or cold the surface could be.
Dulux AcraTex Cool Roof White delivers the maximum benefit reflecting over 90% of the sun's energy, providing potential energy saving of over 20% when compared to dark non-reflective roof surfaces.
With the Dulux AcraTex Cool Roof colour range* even dark colours that reflect more of the sun's energy are a reality, translating into cooler living spaces and reduced energy consumption.
Ultimately, the choice is yours, Conventional or Cool Technology with Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane.

The SYSTEM Includes:


The entire roof s inspected for damaged tiles, loose or missing bedding and moss/lichen.


Damaged tiles and faulty valley irons are replaced


The roof is cleaned using high pressure, and the wash water is directed away in an environmentally friendly manner with lay flat hosing (where required).


All ridged capping is rebedded, where required.


Ridge caping is then repointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mix.


(Where necessary) Fungal and Algal spoilage must be completely destroyed before re-coating, otherwise the growth will continue resulting in potential failure.

Primer / Sealer

The entire roof area is coated with an acrylic sealer/primer to ensure strong adhesion with the 962 Roof Membrane.

962 Roof Membrane

A water based elastomeric high build coating for application to concrete roof tiles and metal roofs.962 Roof Membrane provides ultimate protection, durability, colour retention and weather proofing.Two coats, each at least 4 times thicker than paint, are applied for complete protection.

Metal Roofing

The Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane System is also ideally suitable for the restoration of metal roofing, including Colourbond. The system includes high pressure cleaning, repair and spot priming of any damaged/faulty areas, application of an etching primer and two coats of 962 Roof Membrane.